The Eglinton Grand - A remarkable Landmark and Wedding Venue
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The Eglinton Grand - A remarkable Landmark and Wedding Venue

From the visionary mind of Agostino Arrigo Sr., to the intricate design of Kaplan and Sprachman, Architects., The Eglinton Theatre was a first-of-its-kind movie theatre, being boasted as a stand-alone building and becoming a marvel that set the proverbial bar for all other movie theatres to come.

The Eglinton Theatre was praised as a success and critically acclaimed as the “Show Place Of Toronto” by newspapers. The theatre came together with a stunning art-deco inspired interior, bright and valorous lighting, exquisite handcrafted tiered ceiling and the majestic lights of the front facade that would send the theatre into history.

It was a long two year build for this majestic building to come together however, on the night of April 15, 1936, The Eglinton Theatre pushed opened there main doors and welcomed the public of Toronto and abroad for the first time as a theatrical theatre for the public.

Nowadays The Eglinton Theatre has been restored to its former glory with a twist of refinement and flair bringing back the past art-deco decor with modern day material to become The Elginton Grand!

The Eglinton Grand is exclusive to the bride and groom and boasts:

  • An extravagant ballroom placed in the once main theatre. Able to be customized for your special day to suit your style. The ballroom boasts seating for up to 450 of your best family/friends.

  • A private cocktail space situated up on the balcony promoting a magnificent view of the grand ballroom.

  • How about a private gallery room able to seat up to 225 of those precious guests for ceremonies or extracurricular activities to make your day special.

How ever you may use the space the elegance of the historical site will shine through and cast an ambiance making your day spectacular and that it will never be forgotten.

Location: 400 Eglinton Avenue Toronto, Ontario M5N 1A2.