Barrie and Orillia Wedding Photographer - Flashback Photography
Barrie and Orillia Wedding Photographer - Flashback Photography

Wedding Venue: Peterborough Golf and Country Club

Peterborough wedding photographers are always looking for ways to be creative, while still remain true to the scene in a picture. The spacious banquet room that the Golf and Country Club in Peterborough gave me plenty of room to bend, squat, stretch and mould myself in any possible way in order to find an interesting angle from which to hold my camera. 

The first thing one thinks of when a wedding dance party is mentioned is movement. Shaking arms, legs and bottoms to the spirit of the music is what it is all about! Unlike video, photography is a still medium, and thus, as a Peterborough wedding photographer, I must convey a sense movement, since it cannot be actually shown. 

Am I capable of freezing the motion very simply, and I certainly did document the scene using this technique, however to leave it at that would be boring. I tilted my camera a few degrees to the left and then the right while using a very slow shutter speed to create some blur around the dancing wedding guests. This combination of blur and an uneven axis makes the viewer feel as though they are partying alongside those pictured!