Capturing Details of Getting Ready
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Capturing Details of Getting Ready

The busiest portion of a wedding day is often the early afternoon. As the hair and make-up team are finishing up and everyone is rushing to get dressed and gather their belongings the minutes can slip by so quickly. Planning ahead and allowing yourself an extra half hour of buffer time at this portion of the wedding day is a wonderful way to ensure your final touches can take place in a stress-free way, and that you have time for a short portrait session in beautiful light that captures these moments. During this time I will photograph you and your bridesmaids as they put last-minute details on their outfits (hair spray, earrings and necklaces, for instance), and then capture a single individual picture of each of you when you are ready to walk out the door. This way we have a portrait of the final result in case it is very humid outside and your hair has trouble staying exactly in place, or if your makeup starts to rub off and needs to be replenished, or if you decide not to wear your veil after the ceremony ends and remove it before more formal photography begins.

Learn more about the Getting Ready process, what is captured, and why you may be happy you have these photographs in years to come.