Bridal prep photographed in Niagara hotel
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Bridal prep photographed in Niagara hotel

It is the in-between moments that matter most. In this image, the bride's aunt arrived just as she had finished in the make-up chair. The two of them embraced and I caught the bride's expression. I can only imagine that her aunt felt the same way.

This wedding took place in Niagara Falls at a winery, however the couple chose to get ready at a hotel. I love working in hotel spaces because they always have the two things I need for great lighting: a window, and black-out curtains. The window, of course, lets light in to the scene. The black-out curtains control the light direction and intensity by virtue of how far spread they are. Getting ready wedding photography is my favourite part of the day because I get to meet all of the special people in the bride's life, and they become used to my presence with the camera. In all, this can make my work more successful later in the day as they tend to forget I am even there, resulting in honest, genuine moment like this one.