Botanical Gardens Wedding
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Botanical Gardens Wedding

The Botanical Gardens (aka Edwards Gardens) in Toronto are one of those really quite versatile spaces. Several times I have captured wedding ceremonies at another nearby location, then travelled with the bridal party and relatives of the couple to have a portrait session on the beautiful outdoor grounds, taking advantage of setting that offers the elevated distinction expected at a Toronto park, while still enjoying a natural surrounding that offers contrast from the other locations used during the day.

In the case of this wedding, however, Ivy and Roger opted for an entire day at the Botanical Gardens, utilizing their tent space for the ceremony and indoor learning centre and auditorium for the reception. The tent area is surrounded by gardens, with a little water feature running through the area, over which guests cross upon arrival.

Photographer's Tip:

One of the most wonderful benefits of this space is a very limited need to add additional decoration. A simple arbour, floral arrangement or other personal feature is enough to make the space your own, while still enabling the beauty of the surroundings to be the main feature. save the majority of decor for the indoor auditorium, which features a blank slate of pale walls and a simple floor that do not distract from elements you add to the space.

The tent space is surrounded by gardens, creating a cascade of colour in your ceremony photographs.

As is common in many South Asian weddings, Ivy threw the bouquet immediately after her ceremony to avoid disruption in the reception later on. The winner of this catch was her MC and close friend.

The stairway indoors is a focal point, with the modern architecture of the ceiling and glass wall. At the top of the stairs are several rooms available for you to change outfits, or have simple make-up touches before coming down to your reception.

Of course, the main feature of the botanical Gardens are the gardens, themselves. Winding pathways take guests through a maze of different garden styles including a greenhouse, vegetable garden, sculpture garden and shaded gazebo area surrounded by tropical foliage. While the park is open to the general public during a wedding ceremony, your photographer can find quiet spots with beautiful light that are entirely your own during your portrait session.

Looking for a photographer at Edward Gardens? Let's talk! I would love to show you a complete album of images from this venue, and hear more about your wedding plans!

A quiet moment in the garden, away from the guests and general public on the property is a lovely way to let it sink in: yes, you are really married! I can find these little private spaces anywhere, even on Saturdays in the peak of summertime.

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