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Best Muskoka Wedding Photographer

Technique and Skill

Furthering my education as a photographer is always at the forefront of my goals. Whether it be attending a multi-day masterclass specific to a topic such as lighting, composition or story telling, or travelling to a large photography convention to learn a variety of topics, keeping current with industry advancements and honing my technical ability to capture a wedding day moment-by-moment is very important to me. Weddings are the most unpredictable genre in the photography world. Where else can you find bright sun-lit windows in the same space as a dark corridor? Where can you find guests enjoying cocktails both indoors and outside? Where can you find an event that is put on whether rain or shine? Being one of the best wedding photographers in Barrie means knowing how to handle these situations as they come, and being 100% confident in my ability to create exceptional imagery all day.

I also exhibit my work by entering national and international photography competitions. This is not an ego-boost meant to make me feel good about the work I do, but rather is an opportunity to have my imagery critiqued by top-level professionals. They are not gentle in their criticisms, and nor should they be! Every bit of feedback I received is used to help me improve my skill to become Barrie's best photographer for weddings.

Capturing Moments

This wedding party was a hoot! Brooklands Farm certainly offers a main attraction, with the background of the original restored barn, built over a century ago. The lighting earlier in the day, however, lends itself better to the area along the driveway, bordered by lush maple and conifer trees on either side. After a quick "first look" in this space, the bridal party helped to relocate a few chairs from the wedding ceremony space so that we could create this candid group portrait. Moments like the "first look" only happen once. To watch them unfold, telling the story from both sides, is very special. The best wedding photographers in Barrie know how to use imagery to show one cohesive narrative. Is the bride's mother crying? Is the groom anxiously fiddling with his sleeve as he waits for his wife-to-be's appearance? These little moments are what give the story a foundation. Just as any good novel introduces its characters and the scene, I aim to do this in my wedding photography.

Location: 1375 Butter and Egg Road P1L 1X4 Bracebridge (Ontario).

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