​Tips When Planning an Outdoor Backyard Wedding
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​Tips When Planning an Outdoor Backyard Wedding

Tips When Planning an Outdoor Backyard Wedding

Planning a wedding on a personal property is a beautiful idea, especially if the location has a long history in your family which gives it sentimental significance. In addition to the personal connection, using a backyard property can save you a good percentage of your overall wedding budget. There are several things to keep in mind that will make your dream wedding venue a success!

Most backyard weddings I have photographed are on farms. While very scenic, these locations typically are far from main highways. Consider the needs of your guests by providing clear directions and trying the route yourself using only your GPS unit to make sure travel is straight-forward. You may even rent a large bus that could pick up guests at a designated location and drive them to your wedding event. The bus could later serve as a neat location for a fun bridal party picture!

Hotels, golf courses, and other registered Ontario wedding venues carry insurance in case of an accident. You may need a single-day insurance policy for your event.

In the event of rain, having an outdoor tent large enough to accommodate all wedding guests and dining tables is critical. Not only will it protect from poor weather, but it also serves as a cool retreat on a hot sunny day. 

A huge benefit to hosting a backyard or rustic farm wedding is the ability to transform the place with your design style. With few restrictions on decor, you could have a bonfire, impressive floral arrangements, seating areas and animals on your property. 

Best of luck with your big day! I hope these wedding planning tips were useful!